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The Australian Mori Girl Aesthetic - Woodland Gatherer

The Australian Mori Girl Aesthetic

Woodland Gatherer Australian Mori Girl Style Guide Where to buy Mori Girl Fashion Australian Online Store


Mori (森): A Japanese word for "forest".


What is a Mori Girl?

Mori girl, or 'forest girls', is a Japanese style with an ode to a forest lifestyle.
Loose, light and airy clothing, layered with warm, bulky sweaters and scarves and tough boots for navigating the wilderness.  The Japanese Mori Girl style often has some Lolita influences with a bit of a delicate victorian young girl vibe... lots of frills and historical fashion elements.

What's different about the Australian Mori Girl aesthetic?

The Australian Mori Girl differs slightly in that it has a more of down to earth, and not so delicate, 'Earth Woman' aesthetic, but it still centres on the idea of dwelling in the forest and living off the earth.
Natural fibres, homespun textures, and lovely imperfections, complemented with handmade and vintage accessories.
The style is rooted in the desire to live a more natural life connected to nature and far from the hectic demands of our modern lifestyles. 
This is definitely not a new style in Australia, but the since emerging in Japan in 2007, the Japanese Mori Girl aesthetic is inspiring us to take it to a new level, layering in more elements and adding a touch of vintage lace or embroidery.  

The main idea of the mori girl aesthetic is to look a little woodland wild, like you've been happily lost in the bush for a while and felt right at home there.  

Comfortable clothes such as boots, leggings, loose cardigans, baggy pants half-folded up, and cotton material dresses form the basis.  Chuck on a disheveled knitted sweater or scarf and some handmade jewellery and you've got the idea.

Woodland Gatherer Australian Mori Girl Aesthetic


Mori Girl Hobbies

Being a Mori Girl is not all about how you look.  It's the lifestyle you embrace as well.  One that is rooted in nature and living in the slow lane. Growing and gathering and making your own accessories, home decor and gifts are all a big part of the Mori Girl lifestyle.  

- Plant a few seeds. 🌱
Whether it's a tree, a veggie patch or some flowers, getting your hands in the dirt and waiting with patience as you nurture something over time helps slow down the monkey mind.

- Spread out a picnic blanket.

The Japanese have a term for a concept known in English as "forest bathing".  It's essentially being out in nature and absorbing all the loveliness from it.  Soothe your soul in a similar way by spreading out a picnic blanket under a tree, wherever that might be.  If you can't get out to your local woodlands, get creative in your own backyard, or balcony with pot plants or vases.  

- Repurpose.
You know you're a mori girl when one of your favourite things to do is to go op shopping.  Even if you can't get to your favourite op shop, you can definitely go op shopping in your own home... or your friends and families!  Put some fresh eyes over something that's a little under loved and neglected and see what you can create with it to give it new life.  Break a bunch of crockery and broken jewellery items and mosaic a wall or treasure box. Tear up an old dress and turn it into a new layering item. Or decorate an old book and turn it into a wonderful love letter to someone dear.  

- Make a garland.
Wander into the woodlands... or your own backyard... to gather some twigs, vines, seeds, shells, flowers, stones, cicada wings... anything that can be added to a length of brown string to create a room garland decoration.  Use the string to wrap around each item until it's secured.  Once you have a few metres, you can add some LED copper wire string lights or just hang it in your room.

- Capture the moment.
Cameras and notebooks are essential to capture the beautiful moments in life and record all of those interesting thoughts and ideas.

- Hand make accessories with Heirloom Traditions.
Embroider your own purse, crotchet a shawl, or french knit your own socks.  Anything that lets you put your own sweet touches to your look is very Mori Girl.

- Bring back snail mail.
There is nothing lovelier than receiving a hand written and thoughtfully decorated letter in the mailbox.  Take your time to enjoy the process of making the letter and envelope complete with some scrapbooking touches, wax stamp seals, stickers and hand illustrations. 

- Pickle, preserve and bake.
Being a mori girl is about stepping out of the fast lane and enjoying the slower pace of life.  Skip the fast food and packet cakes and try your hand at some heirloom recipes.  Pick fruit and herbs to make your own cordials or jams.  Get that sourdough starter or kombucha mother from a friend and give it a go.  Or just bake a simple cake from scratch.

 Woodland Gatherer Mori Girl Hobbies Gift Guide Australia Online Shop



What type of Mori Girl Are You?

One of the best things about any style or look is that you can make it your own.  There are over 60 versions of the Japanese Mori Girl style, with looks such as Dark Mori Girl, with more of a pagan/witchy woman vibe.  


Witchy Woman Dark Mori Girl Aesthetic

"Dark Mori" girls embrace the strength and power that comes with being a woman firmly planted in the pagan magic of nature.  It comes with a deepset knowing that we have generations of knowledgable and strong women before us

"We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn't burn".

 Woodland Gatherer Dark Mori Girl Aesthetic



Natural Mori Girl Aesthetic

"Natural mori" girls strictly adhere to wearing only cotton and linen garments.  They often have a white tonal aesthetic which oozes light and love. 

Woodland Gatherer Natural Mori Girl Aesthetic



North European Mori Girl Aesthetic

"North European mori," is kinda Scandi Boho and considered the original natural mori.  Inspired by Scandinavian design and style, with exaggerated colours and patterns, and an essence of practicality.  Loose layers mixed with warm textiles and boots are fundamentally Mori Girl. Homes oozing with hygee warmth, woods, candles and woven tapestries.  Macrame plant holders, soft throw blankets, and lots of book nooks.

Woodland Gatherer Northern European Mori Girl Style Guide Australian Online Shop Where to buy the Mori Girl look Australia



Fairy Tale Mori Girl Aesthetic

"Fairy tale mori" girls are often younger and favour brighter colours, longer lace layers and flower hair accessories.  Jewellery features butterflies and anything sparkly. 

Woodland Gatherer Fairy Tale Mori Girl Aesthetic



Vintage Mori Girl Aesthetic

"Vintage mori" girls sport a lot of lace layers, ribbons, jacquard textiles with contrasting colors and sometimes faux fur accessories.

Woodland Gatherer Vintage Mori Girl Aesthetic Australia Shop


How do you see your mori aesthetic?  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  

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