Wooden & Glass Dip Calligraphy Pens Set 10 Nibs
Material: Wood & GlassFountain Pen's Tip Material: Other MetalsNib Material: STAINLESS STEELType: Fountain PenPackaging: Gift boxNib Type: Standard TypeWriting Point: 0.5mm At the Woodland Gatherer we find & create all things boho and whimsical, for the wild & free vibes we...
Wizard's Gift
Wizard's Gift
The perks of being a witchy woman is that I tend to work with some pretty cool wizards from time to time, and they have some pretty fancy tools.  I managed to trade a lovely old wizard for these gift...
Feathery Fun Ballpoint Pens
These pens are surprisingly made by pixie warriors!  They usually make poisoned arrows out of the feathers they find in the woodlands, but they've gone and turned all PC, and have been signing treaties left, right and centre lately.  So they've...
Steampunk Fountain Pen and Wax Seal Stamp Gift Set
Steampunk Feather pen gift box set.Material: Feather + MetalPen length: about 24 cmBox size: 29x21cmInk capacity: 15ml ** Please Note:  The ink bottle is empty as the ink itself can't be shipped.   At the Woodland Gatherer we find & create...
Handmade Peacock Feather Quill Dip Fountain Pen + Writing Ink 3 Nibs Kit Set with Gift Box
The most perfect pen for signing your love all over things.  Nib Material: STAINLESS STEELType: Fountain PenNib Type: Standard TypeWriting Point: 0.5mmMaterial: Metal + FeatherSize: 18.5x13.5cm/7.28x5.31in At the Woodland Gatherer we find & create all things boho and whimsical, for the wild...
Wooden Pen or Pencil
 Perfect for practicing your parents signatures in order to get out of PE and go do something wild and free instead.  #badinfluence #favouriteauntyWriting Point: 1.0mmMaterial: WoodType: Ballpoint Penweight: 9gpen body: 13-17cm At the Woodland Gatherer we find & create all things...
The Book Maker's Gift Box
Writer's Gift Box.Fountain Pen's Tip Colour: GoldType: Fountain PenWriting Point: 0.5mmNib Type: Standard TypeMaterial: MetalNib Material: Stainless SteelPlease Note: Due to the wax in these sets, they have to be shipped via a different method, that may take a bit longer...
Feather Calligraphy Dip Pen Writing Set with 5 Nibs
A little something to make the every day an occasion. Nib Type: Standard TypeDip Pen Fountain PenWriting Point: 0.8mmMaterial: MetalNib Material: GoldFountain Pen's Tip Material: GoldFeather colour: Gray Navy Purple Red Yellow Dark Green Blue Lake blue BrownIncluded: 5 nibs At...
High Temperature Oven Baked Ceramic Marker Pen Set
Permanent Porcelain Marker Pen for Drawing on Ceramic Porcelain *Please note, these can only be sent by one kinda slow method, so delivery may take 3-5 weeks.Quantity: 12 or 24 coloursErasable Or Not: NoType: Art MarkerStamp: No At the Woodland...
from $49.00
Acrylic Paint Brush Marker Pens for Fabric Canvas, Art Rock Painting, Stone, Card Making, Metal and Ceramics
*Please note, these can only be sent by one kinda slow method, so delivery may take 3-5 weeks. Erasable Or Not: YesPackage Quantity: 12/24/36 Colours/BoxType: Art MarkerStamp: NoWater Resistance: WaterproofAcrylic paint marker for: DIY Photo AlbumAcrylic Paint Pens for: Black...
from $53.00
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