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A Note Re COVID-19 🦠

Things are being shipped quickly but some orders are getting held up in transit at different points.
You’re definitely still welcome to order your treasures, but a bit of extra patience may be required for a while by the looks of things.

Most things things are getting through within 3 weeks, but TWO MONTHS is still possible if there are transport hold ups and delays along the way. 

My suppliers are advising me that at worst, they could take 90 days to arrive, but that is highly unlikely.  

Logistics have been a bit of a nightmare with all this covid drama. 
I pull my items together from lots of different overseas suppliers and they use different shipping methods, which have all changed during things, so tracking is a bit crazy.  

Waiting on treasures is torture I know.  It's killing me here. We're doing our best. 

If you're worried, I'm just an email away, and I can go hunting down the tracking for you, but please be kind.
Being mean won't make it move any faster.  

THANKS for your patience and kind words.  Sometimes people forget that there's an actual big hearted human running this, who wants nothing more than to bring treasures and fun things into your lives.  If you are ever worried that I'm less than authentic, feel free to stalk me on facebook.  I'm an open book, because I have no reason not to be.

I'm sorry about the delays and the rubbish tracking system.  Everyone along the line is doing their best and things are all still arriving.  

Stay well my lovelies.  Fun times ahead.

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