Straighten Your Crown

Posted by Karin Neate on

"On the darkest days, when I feel inadequate, unloved and unworthy,
I remember whose daughter I am,
and I straighten my Crown!"

My dad always got little kids to call him King Barry.
I get them to call me Miss Snotface Lahdedah.

This picture goes around a lot as a meme with the above quote and it always reminds me of my mum, and makes me stand a little taller. It's one of the reasons I love crowns so much. They pour steel into your backbone.

They also make people smile and feel special... and what's better than that!  

As a portrait photographer, I try to capture the unique energy of the person I'm photographing.  I want people they know to look at the image and say 'oh that's soooooo'... them.  Sometimes though it takes a crown or an outfit to help the model shake their insecurities and shine through.  Because it's pretty hard to feel anything less than fabulous while rocking a crown! 

Find your crown here.

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