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Introducing... the Kiln Cracked Glaze Crab Tea Play Handmade Tea Pet!

Within the enchanting realms of the Woodlands, a whimsical little tea ceremony takes place. Here, we introduce you to a unique and handmade tea pet: a charming crab figurine. Crafted with love and care through a high-temperature oxidation firing process, each tea pet is a work of art, with its own character and charm.

The beautiful light blue and kiln-cracked glaze of this tea pet adds a touch of elegance and character to your tea ceremony. As handmade creations, please embrace their unique imperfections, such as tiny pores and variations in purple color spots – these are the very features that make each crab tea pet truly one-of-a-kind.

These charming tea pets are the perfect companions for your tea table, adding a touch of whimsy and character to your tea ceremonies. Place them in your study, office, Zen courtyard, or gift them to a fellow tea enthusiast.

At the Woodland Gatherer, we're dedicated to curating all things boho and whimsical to inspire imaginative play and creative thinking in all ages. Your new tea pet treasure may take between 12-24 days to arrive, though sometimes they embark on a longer, magical journey in transit. If you ever have concerns or inquiries, kindly reach out to Miss Snotface Lahdedah – she's here to ensure your Woodland Gatherer experience is as delightful as the delicate dance of a tea ceremony.

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