All The Gifts

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Check out the Woodland Gatherer's gift guide.聽 Your one stop shop for getting all those gifts organised.聽 Find a unique and fun gift...
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Welcome to the Woodland Gatherer's Witches Kitchen!聽 So many lovely treasures for whipping up a spot of magic.
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Boho Vibes

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Bohemianism is the chilled practice of an unconventional lifestyle, surrounded by your tribe聽with a sense of peace and connectivity.聽 It's a lifestyle of...
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Wee Bubbies

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For the little ones.
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Belts and Hip or Waist Sashes

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Hips don't lie.
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Bugs & Critters

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All the lovely bugs and critters gatherer from my adventures to the Woodlands.
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Coastal Vibes

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I am crazy lucky to live on the South Coast of New South Wales.聽 Not only is it聽stupidly聽beautiful here, but my Pirate friend,...
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Halloween Costumes and Dress Up Party Outfits.聽 All the fun things to help create your costume look.
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Crafty Items

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Crafting bits and bobs for crafty sorts.聽 I'm always finding lovely bits that inspired greater creations.聽 I would love to see what you...
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Woodland Gatherer Crowns

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Celebrate Your Inner Queen聽with a crown that tells the world to bow down to your awesomeness! Great as a photography prop, weddings, or...
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Crystal Magic

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Gifts of the Gods.聽 Natural healing stones full of beauty and power.
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Educational Toys

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Toys to promote playfulness and educational toys to develop young minds.We aim to stock the kind of things that inspire imaginative play, in...
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Fabulous Every Day Wear

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So here's the rule.聽 If you like something,聽buy two... one for you and one for me as well!!聽 聽馃お Ha.聽 A girl can...
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Feathery Fun

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All kinds of feathery goodies found and created in the woodlands. 聽Accessories | Craft Supplies | Photography Props | Decor聽
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Festival Fashion

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Something a little extra wild and free for those heady music festival days, or something to bring the vibe into your every day.
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Flowers & Plants

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Everlasting Flowers & Plants from the Woodlands!聽 These NEVER die! Practically magical.Perfect for crafting, home decor or costume creation.
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Gifts for the Fae

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Gifts and Treasures to delight the faeries.
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Under $10

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Woodland Gatherer Gifts and Treasures for under $10.聽 Perfect for xmas stocking fillers or little thank you gifts.
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Fabulous Gloves for Fabulous People.
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Hair Pins & Clips

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Clips and pins to keep your hair in place and make it look extra lovely - dual purpose!! Bonus.
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Handy Bags

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A bag to carry frogs, and sticks, and lipstick, and books... you know, the essentials.
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馃彙 Home Decor

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馃崄Add a spot (or 200) of whimsy to your surroundings, that will bring a grin to your lips and a warmth to your...
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Inspiration Cards

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All the card decks are small versions.聽 They are roughly playing card size.聽聽As the decks are small, the guides are pdf versions that...
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Jigsaw Puzzles

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The most fabulous jigsaw puzzles ever.
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Kids' Rooms

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Room Decor that聽inspires imaginative play, in all ages!Fun聽Interior Styling items for children's bedrooms and nurseries.Be sure to send me a snapshot of how...
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Manly Things For Men Type People

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Those men folk can be right tricky to buy gifts for!聽 Thankfully I've discovered all kinds of gifts for the warrior in your...
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Mardi Gras

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A Collection of fun and fabulous things inspired by Mardi Gras and our love of the LGBTQI community's epic fabulosity.
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Medieval Cosplay

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All the fabulous cosplay looks for your next medieval fair.
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Mermaid Life

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Everything a mermaid could dream for.
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All the Woodland Gatherer things for your baby's nursery.
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Pins, Brooches, & Badges - Stabby Things

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For stabby stabby days.
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Not So Stationary Stationery

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I have traded far and wide throughout the woodlands and beyond for all kinds of wonderful stationery gift items.聽 Have a peek!
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Toe Tappers & Dancing Shoes

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馃拹No matter which of these finds your feet, I dare you not to tap your toes or do the occasional twirl in them!...
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T-Shirts, Tees & Tops

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Tees for spreading the joy!
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Temporary Tattoos

25 art铆culos
Terrific temporary tattoos.
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Those Special Occasions

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A collection of all the Woodland Gatherer treasures that will make your special occasion feel all the more magical.
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Winter Warmers

61 art铆culos
Hyggelicious Winter Warmers to get all cosy.
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Wonderful Wigs

15 art铆culos
Perfect for bad hair days, photoshoots, costume parties, special events, buying the groceries, tea parties, and generally being fabulous.聽 If you are (or...
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Woodland Weddings

114 art铆culos
All the treasures to make your wedding magical.This collection is full of whimsical delights to make your wedding day all the more magical.聽...
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