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Introducing... the Ballerina Tutu Fit for a Fairy!

In the heart of the Woodlands, there dwells a graceful ballet-dancing fairy known as Lily Leotara. Lily's eyes sparkle like amethysts in the moonlight. Her heart dances in tune with the rhythms of the woodlands. And when she dances, her spirit soars as freely as a swan in mid-flight.

One magical evening, as Lily twirled beneath the whispering trees, her godfairymothers gifted her the most extraordinary ballet tutu.
This tutu, in the loveliest shades of purple, lit up her amethyst eyes, as it resembled the violets that adorned her woodland home.
Its bodice, in deep purple velvet, felt as soft as evening primrose petals. And the light purple tulle skirt stuck straight out just like a professional ballet dancers costume. 
Adorned with a myriad of floral appliqué shapes and sparkling sequins, it reminded Lily of the Flower Fairies of the Lavender Feilds.


At the Woodland Gatherer, we are delighted to offer this exceptional tutu to all the dreamers, both young and young-at-heart. Let it inspire the ballerina within you, whisking you away to the enchanted world of dance and imagination.

Please note that sizes vary slightly, so refer to the measurements in the pictures to find your perfect fit.

Our treasures typically take 12-24 days to arrive, although sometimes they enjoy a little detour in transit. If you ever have concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to Miss Snotface Lahdedah. She's here to ensure your Woodland Gatherer experience is as delightful as a moonlit ballet under the stars.


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