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Animal Track game is an educational game that will teach kids how to match animals with their tracks and where to find them!

Most animals do not want to come in close contact with humans, but if you learn to notice and recognise their tracks, you will be able identify which animals visit your neighbourhood or like to walk along the same trails as you do. Animal tracks can become a window into an otherwise hidden world-the presence and habits of wild animals.

For many children, it will be a fascinating and gratifying experience of discovering animals in their immediate surroundings, using clues like a detective!


Benefits of the Animal Tracks Game

Animal tracking is an important part of living in a hunter-gathering society, so it can always be explored as a part of culture or history lesson. But do modern kids have a use for knowing animal tracks? You bet!

It connects children with the natural world around them.

It develops scientific thinking as they look for clues and make hypotheses as to which animals were here and what they did.

It develops spatial thinking as children learn that a footprint doesn't look exactly like a foot. Only some parts of the foot make contact with the ground and leave prints. Observing this gives children an opportunity to think about complex three-dimensional forms.

It also develops symbolic thinking as they learn that a sign (the footprint of an animal) stands for something else (an actual animal). In that way, learning animal tracks is often compared to learning how to read and can, in some ways, help beginning readers.


About the Animal Track Game

When learning a new language, we start with ABCs. In the world of animal tracking, that would be the most common types of footprints, and those are the ones we included in this printable game of animal tracks. The kids will have an opportunity to study them in a playful manner, while playing one of two suggested games.


The animals included in the animal track game are Beaver, Brown Bear, Chamois, Common Frog, Eastern Сhipmunk, Eurasian Lynx, Eurasian River Otter, European Badger, European Mink, European Mole, Grass Snake, Grey Wolf, Moose, Raccoon, Red Deer, Red Fox, Sand Lizard, Striped Skunk, Weasel, Wild Boar, Common Bullfinch, Common Magpie, Common Pheasant, Common Raven, Eurasian Jay, Grey Heron, Grey Partridge, House Sparrow, Steppe Eagle, Tawny Owl, Western Capercaillie, Whooper Swan. This selection of animals shows a wide variety of different kinds of footprints while showcasing species that can be found near human dwellings or parks.


The Farm animals included in the animal track game are Cat, Cow, Dog, Donkey, Goat, Horse, Pig, Rabbit, Rat, Sheep, Duck, Goose, Hen, Turkey, Feet, Wellies.

The African animals included in the animal track game are Aardvark, Aardwolf, African Buffalo, African Elephant, African Savanna Hare, Black Rhinoceros, Black-backed Jackal, Bush Hyrax, Camel, Caracal, Cheetah, Clawless Otter, Cobra, Crested Porcupine, Greater Kudu, Grevy's Zebra, Guenther's Dik-dik, Hippopotamus, Honey Badger, Large-spotted Genet, Leopard, Leopard Tortoise, Lion, Nile Crocodile, Olive Baboon, Ostrich, Pangolin, Red-headed Rock Agama, Reticulated Giraffe, Senegal Bushbaby, Serval, Spotted Hyena, Striped Ground Squirrel, Vervet Monkey, Warthog, White-tailed Mongoose.


The Game Includes:
32 animal cards
32 labeled animal track cards


Animal Tracks: Sorting Game

Mix the cards thoroughly, face up, and then look through them, finding the matching pairs. To make it easier to find the matching pairs, use labeled track cards. To make the game competitive, you can set a timer for 30 or 60 seconds and see who can find the most pairs.


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