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Occasionally, one of the Teal Depths Mermaids travels into Port Fairy, to bring me a special little something from my good friend, Pirate George.  Mermaid Hannah-Banana, rang the shell cone recently for me to come down to the water's edge, so she could give me some very yummy chocolate koi, that Pirate George discovered while pillaging a Belgium cruise liner.  Such a kind man to think of me!  He knows I love chocolate.  

Anyhoo, Hannah-Banana was wearing this most fantastic crown, that she had crafted herself.  She was such a lovely thing that she allowed me to trade with her, a fork and spoon, in exchange for her creation... something about the fork making a great hair comb.  Next time, I think I'll take her an actual comb.

Woodland Gatherer Crowns for all kinds of special occasions.  Bridal Crown, Formal Events, Birthday Parties, Hen’s Nights, Photo Shoots, Cosplay, or just for celebrating your inner Queen!  

  • Material: Austria high quality faceted Crystal, Durable plated colour, Rhinestones

  • Size:27CM long

  • Weight:45G

  • Light-weight.  You can secure it with band or bobby pins.

At the Woodland Gatherer we find & create all things boho and whimsical, for the wild & free vibes we love the most.  
We aim to stock the kind of things that inspire imaginative play, in all ages, because we believe that the imagination is the stepping stone to creative thinking - a highly undervalued, yet incredibly useful, thing in all areas of life.  
This treasure should take between 12-24 days to arrive, but on the rare occasion some items get held up in transit.  If you have any concerns whatsoever, please, let Miss Snotface Lahdedah know, so she can do everything she can to make things right, before leaving negative reviews.  
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