Picking the Fixtures & Fittings for My Gypsy Tiny Home

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Oh man.  I thought this would be a lot easier than it's turning out to be.  There's just sooo many gorgeous gypsy boho things to fit into one tiny house, and getting them all to blend beautifully has definitely been a challenge.  My hat goes off to interior designers and my builders at this point!

To give you the general vibe, the exterior of the tiny is going to have a timber woodland cabin feel, with large panels for murals.  
I've got black metal trim windows, a charcoal colourbond roof and olive green accent colours.  

These are not what I'd call all that similar to mine, but they do have some similarities..

I'll have some rustic timbers and turned/decorative trims.

The interior is going to have a lot more white, for those spacious feels... and a fairly neutral palette base for me to add my accent colours on top of.  

Little Byron Co (above) has provided a lot of inspo with this one, but I'll be having a lot more gypsy like artisan elements added, including these wooden decal trims below, which you can find here.




My tiny has these lovely reclaimed french doors, which will open off the kitchen onto the deck.  Currently we're keeping them in stained timber... but having some green sections, like below... oh and some louvre windows as well.. but with black trims like the ones in the Little Byron Co example above. 


Woodland Gatherer's Gypsy Tiny Home Stained Glass Windows

Some of the stained glass windows we've sourced, hand made locally, and bringing one of my favourite colours into my home.


My colour palette has taking some nutting out, because I tend to want every colour, but I'm afraid it will end up looking like a unicorn threw up in there.  It still might. This is where I have landed...
Woodland Gatherer's Gypsy Tiny Home Colour Palette

 I'm surprisingly loving the girly tones of pinks, greens and gold... and this gorgeous tiny is making me want to get my pink tulle skirt on even... which for a usually pretty witchy middle aged woman, is a tad concerning, but I'm not fighting it!! 
Woodland Tiny Home Inspo


 I keep coming back to this one time and time again for colour inspo, and it has definitely influenced my choice to go with brassy gold fittings, like my most favourite purchase to date... my ridiculously fancy toilet roll holder and hand towel ring!
Woodland Gatherer Tiny Home Towel Holder

Woodland Gatherer Tiny Home Bathroom Toilet Roll Holder

The bathroom is sure packing a punch as far as awesome features goes.  I also have mermaid scale tile stickers!!!

I was starting to worry already that I might have too many features in such a small place... and then my builder told me that we have room for a vanity sink as well, and of course, I want a feature one. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Where there's a will there's a way right???
Designing the Woodland Gatherer's gypsy tiny home bathroom

The thinking went that these beautiful talevera ceramic sinks might be a bit much against the mermaid scale tiles, but hopefully we have that figured out, by putting the vanity against a timber wall instead.  🤔

Designing the Woodland Gatherer's Gypsy Tiny Home's bathroom.

It’s hard to describe, but I have a large curved floor shower recess area, and the vanity is on one of it's 3 walls?? I think I’ve got the colours and materials matching better, by adding the wood... which I have throughout the build anyway. There's also lots of white, and black window trims.

Mermaid Scale Tile Stickers Woodland Gatherer
Sage Green Ceramic Knobs Woodland Gatherer 

It's in my builders hands now to see what he does with all of this!!  :D
Wish us luck!!  
x Snotty. 

Miss Snotface Lahdedah from the Woodland Gatherer


Rolling Homes Woodland Gatherer Gypsy Tiny Home Construction

Rolling Homes Woodland Gatherer Gypsy Tiny Home Construction  

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