A Walk Through of My New Tiny Home

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I got to have a bit of a walk through my tiny home the other day, and as you'll probably hear in my voice, I was more than a little excited by how it's all coming together! 


I was a bit all over the shop on the first walk through with Leon showing me things, so I did another walk through for a closer look at everything here...


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Construction update with @rollinghomesaustralia

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Rolling Homes Australia building the Woodland Gatherer's Gypsy Tiny Home


I'm loving how the gap between the two lofts opens up the space in the kitchen area and entrance.  I chose to prioritise the kitchen area because I love cooking and also I tend to use my kitchen bench to chat to visitors over a cuppa while I potter and put food in front of us to nosh on. 

My floating island bench is still to come, but that will make this kitchen both L-shape or a galley kitchen, depending what I'm doing.  It will be multi-functioning as a workspace, kitchen table, and breakfast bar.  

Tiny Home Entrance Kitchen under construction Woodland Gatherer & Rolling Homes Australia


Leon King of Rolling Homes Australia in the upper loft of the tiny home mid construction

My 6ft something builder Leon here is demonstrating the height of the upper loft (aka playroom loft) for me.

The plans for the upper loft was to use it as a space to store my clothes and craft supplies, and to have a large floor area, with rugs and cushions, to spread out and get crafty or read.  It's nearly 6msq, so ample room!   

There may come a time when I switch things up and make this my bedroom and convert the floor level bedroom into a large "crawl in" wardrobe/storage area/crafting zone.  It has a higher head clearance I think, so could work well for a desk area with floor cushions.  And a curtain would hide away the mess in there perfectly. 

For now though, I think having the bedroom on the ground level will best suit me and my 16yo labrador retriever. 

Good to have options though! 

Rainbow Casting Window Film Available in the Woodland Gatherer's online store
I've bought some of this window film from my Woodland Gatherer store to put on the upper loft windows.  These are just stuck down with a little spray of water and static electricity, so they can be peeled off and placed elsewhere if I want to switch it up. 

I don't know about you, but they remind me of the cupola in Virginia Andrew's My Sweet Audrina!  When I first read that book I dreamed of having a rainbow filled sun room.  :D Of course without all the high drama part.  

Bonus is that I also ought to be able to get changed up there without flashing anyone out on the farm.   

If you'd like some too, click here.

So many more exciting things in the works.  Can't wait to share more of my news, including some very exciting news about an upcoming tv episode featuring my tiny home!!  More to be revealed shortly.

Filming the progress on the Woodland Gatherer's tiny home at Rolling Homes Australia

Thanks for checking out my tiny home adventures!

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